Our Culture

The Bridge

Possessing a heart for God

Possessing a heart for one another

Possessing a heart to serve

Things We Want to be Known For:

I am a totally committed follower of Christ:
Nothing is more important than our journey with Christ. Like any significant relationship, we are strengthened and refreshed through quality time and communication. Our personal journey with Christ and fully engaging in ministry are interconnected and essential for the growth we crave.

We Engage Wholeheartedly:
Ministry is the call of all, not the occupation of a few. As Christ draws us to Himself, we are radically changed from self-focused consumers to selfless contributors. Together, as the body of Christ, we steward the time and resources entrusted to us for the expansion of His work.

We Connect Intentionally:
Since God Himself is relational (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), the quality of our relationships as a church reflects the truth of who He is, not our programs or our buildings. We purposely look to build authentic connections with guests, regular attenders, members, and others in our sphere of influence.

We Equip Disciple Makers:
Each of us is called to make disciples of Jesus Christ in everyday life. This is rare and can feel daunting. Yet, we gain confidence to mentor others in the Gospel and Biblical truth through our unique gifting as we deliberately seek to be equipped. We actively pray for those who are not yet followers of Jesus and look for ways to demonstrate and explain the gospel.

We Serve with Compassion:
In response to the compassion of Christ to us, we become channels of redemption and blessing in a broken world. As we join God in His mission, we learn to see the world through His eyes and actively meet needs whether big or small, individually or in groups. God desires to do great things through us, not merely in us.